Modder Team Claims Every Nintendo Switch Has A Copy Of NES GOLF With Motion Controls Hidden On The Console


In a bit of mind-blowing news that sounds so crazy it could just be a hoax, a team of modders have come forward and announced there's a secret copy of NES Golf within every produced copy of Nintendo Switch. Even crazier, the team has claimed that this version of the classic game features joy-con motion controls...which is something Nintendo has never done with a retro title.

The file, which is named "flog" in the system, is supposedly an NES emulator built into the system with NES Golf already embedded within it. No word on how to access this title has been released, but the modders responsible for finding it wonder if it can be triggered by hitting a certain button combination. If not, most who've learned about it assume Nintendo will make the game available for play the same time NES games make their official launch on the Switch.

As mentioned, this could be a complete hoax, but here are some screenshots below of the game allegedly in action. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think.

Source: Ars Technica