MONOPOLY GAMER Takes Mario And Throws Some Crazy Twists On The Traditional Board Game

Unlike many people I know, I actually enjoy playing Monopoly. The problem I have is that I can never find anyone else to play with. As much as I enjoy playing the game though, there are so many versions of Monopoly, it’s a little lackluster at this point. Monopoly Gamer looks like it’ll have plenty of lusters because it is not just a reskin of your dad’s Monopoly.

Hasbro teamed up with Nintendo to bring us Monopoly Gamer which takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, kinda like Mario Monopoly. You go around purchasing properties and paying rent like in any game of Monopoly. Outside of that, it starts looking more like a video game though. The characters have special abilities like in video games. There are Boss Fights like in video games. The game ends after the last Boss Fight like many video games do. There is even “DLC” in the form of Booster Packs that have additional characters such as Luigi and Tanooki (Raccoon) Mario, just like video games!

There are a few other differences from a traditional game of Monopoly. Instead of colorful fake cash, there are coins from the Mushroom Kingdom. Also, there is only 1 regular die paired with a die that can trigger abilities and weapons.

This game looks like it’ll be a great way for Monopoly lovers to get that itch with their Monopoly hating friends. At least it should work if you and your friends like Nintendo. My biggest complaint though is that you only get 4 characters to start. I wish it had been the traditional 6 for Monopoly, but I guess that just pushes the booster packs more. I hope they come out with a Legend of Zelda booster set or a Super Smash Bros set. I’ll let Hasbro go into more depth as to how the game is played and what the special abilities are in the video below. Let us know in the comments if you think this is a welcome breath of fresh air or not, and what booster sets do you want to see.

Monopoly Gamer will go on sale in August 2017 for $24.99 and Booster Packs will be $2.99.

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