MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Finally Has a Global Launch Date


Are you waiting to hunt down some majestic dinosaurs?! Well, wait no more! Ok... well, technically, yes you will have to wait some more. To be specific, you will need to wait until 26 January 2018, as that is now the official launch date for MONSTER HUNTER WORLD as indicated by CAPCOM at the Tokyo Game Show.

Not only was the launch date announced, but it was indicated that there will be the following editions released:

  • Collector's Edition
  • Digital Deluxe Edition
  • PS4 Pro Edition

Being a major dino lover, having wanted to become a paleontologist when I was a wee lad with my thousands of dino sketches to prove it,  I am considerably over-excited to get my hands on this game. It looks both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Please make this available on the PSVR, CAPCOM!

Here's the announcement trailer for the upcoming game.

Monster Hunter World  will be released on Xbox One, PC and PS4.



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