MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Is A Huge Hit In Japan, Selling More Than 1.35 Million Copies


Monster Hunter: World, the highly anticipated game that was released by Capcom just last Friday, is doing amazingly well, given the fact that it made a leap of faith as it moved from handheld systems, to home consoles. As the game reaches its first week, the team at Capcom is probably racked with anxiety, thinking if this new installment in the franchise would take off. Now, they can at least take a breather, as new reports claim that the game is doing pretty well in its home country in Japan. 

In the latest figures released by Famitsu, a company that tracks Japanese retail sales, Monster Hunter: World has now sold more than 1.35 million units in Japan, since its launch last Friday. Take note that this figure still doesn’t take into account digital sales, but Famitsu estimates that the total sales for both versions is probably more than 2 million units. 

Historically, Monster Hunter is pretty popular in its home country, so these estimates by Famitsu is probably expected by Capcom. However, global sales of the game, will be extremely important for the company, as they intend Monster Hunter: World to be the game that would bring the franchise to a wider audience worldwide. 

So far, Capcom has announced that they have already shipped 5 million units of Monster Hunter: World globally. This however, should not be seen as units sold, and we would have to wait for Capcom to release the worldwide sales figures for the game. So far, global reviews and feedback from the beta tests that happened last month and in December, revealed that players from the West is showing interest in the game. So maybe Capcom’s attempt to cast a wider reach for Monster Hunter will be a success after all? 

Don’t forget to check our full review of Monster Hunter: World, where we explained how the game is able to attract beginner players of the franchise, by making the game more approachable to newcomers, without having to lose the complex mechanics that veteran players of the game love about Monster Hunter. Have you tried out Monster Hunter: World yet? Share your experience of the game in the comments below. 

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