MONSTER SANCTUARY Launches Into Early Access

Bringing turn-based strategic action back to a world where you can hatch, evolve, and utilize animal companions is Moi Rai Games with their title Monster Sanctuary. Partnering you with a creature known as a “spectral familiar,” players will set out on an adventure that will take them through a variety of challenges that include platforming, puzzle solving, and strategy-based battles.

Teaming up with publisher Team17, this indie development team has brought their game into reality through its first launch stage as an Early Access title on Steam. While the game is sure to be improved and expanded upon further, this is a chance for those interested in the game to get their hands on it early and check out what it has to offer. Even if you are wary to purchase the game in its early state, you can get your first experience with Monster Sanctuary through a free demo that is also available on their Steam page.

It looks like a game that most people could enjoy and may even bring back a nostalgic feeling when you see the resemblance to Pokemon, but in a 2D side scroller style. Check out the Early Access announcement trailer yourself and see if this game might just be right for you: