More People Are About To Play POKEMON GO Daily Than People Use Twitter

You can debate the quality of Niantic's Pokemon Go app all you want but you can't dispute it's popularity. Website SimilarWeb did a study to measure the game's popularity and what they found is staggering. For starters, the game is rapidly approaching a daily active user rate similar to those who use Twitter! Going off their numbers of monthly active users from last year and doing some quick division that possibly means that around 5,300,000 people are using Pokemon Go every day! That's before the game has officially launched in Europe and Asia!

Another interesting aside is that the game has skyrocketed past the Android's Tinder app on installs. That's right, we've reached a point where people need Scyther more than sex in the world!

Another final cool tidbit floating around the web coming from Niantic is that we can expect to see trading Pokemon added to the app "soon". No real timetable or details but the prospect of trading with friends already has me excited for what's to come from this app!