Videos games twenty years ago had two primary goals, make it and hope that people enjoy it. If it was a shooter, it had to work, if it was a racer, it had to work and so forth. However, now we are starting to see genre bending and creative new ideas in all sorts of games. Morphies Law: Remorphed takes a fairly simple team-shooter game and adds one big/small difference: players bodies will get larger or smaller when taking or giving damage to others. This is the main idea of the game, and your team strategies and battles will depend on how well you can adapt to an ever changing character size and pros/cons that come with those sizes.

This game looks like a wild brawl with loads of hilarity as one person in the match will have giant arms with tiny legs or a massive torso with a tiny head. Basically, if you shoot someone in the head, your head will get bigger and theirs will get smaller, it would be like this for all body parts. The game comes from developer Cosmoscope GmbH. Morphies Law: Remorphed is not only a great concept for a shooting game, the “Day of the Dead” inspired art style and smooth gameplay makes the game look like a colorful thrill ride all the way through. The game releases on Steam and Nintendo Switch on July 30th 2019. Grab a gun and make space for a larger and smaller than life game.