Mounts And Mounted Combat Coming to CONAN EXILES

The survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian is about to get a little more civilized. Conan Exiles will receive a free update in December that will allow players to ride mounts and even fight from them. Funcom’s YouTube channel and the game’s Twitter page both showcase videos with horses, but the language consistently refers to “mounts” which suggests other creatures will be part of the update.

Game developers had a booth at TwitchCon and were showing off the latest feature in the open-world adventure.

Conan Exiles has continued to receive post-launch support, which is essential given how little had changed between the last few months in Early Access and the official release for PC and console. Mounted combat will be a major addition to the harsh world, and it will elevate both solo play and PVP servers.

A frequently-updated blog shares the latest news for fans of the survival game. No official date yet has been confirmed for the update’s launch in December.

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