Multi-path, Gloomy Rogue-Like Title DARK DEVOTION Is Bringing Some Epic, Classic Style Gameplay

From the time of the first Playstation, we had the difficult, gloomy rogue-like/action games such as Castlevania, and while this style isn't used a lot in a way that proves to be as entertaining as the classics, some real promise is being shown from the latest title from Hibernian Workshop called Dark Devotion!

Putting you up against various enemies with a multitude of weapons to use, the battles will be able to be fought how you find best given your scenario. Check out this kickstarter trailer:

While this game is pretty epic looking, their Kickstarter is still in need of some help funding and there are some awesome rewards for being a backer, like access to an Exclusive in-game Boss! There is even a live demo available on their Steam for you to try out now if you want to give it a test run before adding your support!

I am hoping to see this project succeed and reach it's current launch date of Aug. 30, 2018 because it seems like it is going to be a lot of fun with plenty of replayability! What do you think about it?