Multiplayer Survival Game PROJECT WINTER Hosts Open Beta Weekend

Pinning players against the challenge of surviving in the winter elements and forcing them to work together, for the most part, in order to survive is Project Winter by Other Ocean. Planning to launch an initial paid early access version on Steam on February 7th, they are letting interested players try the game out first.

Starting today they are hosting an open beta for Project Winter and it will last until February 3rd. You will have to sign up if you want to gain access though. If this is the first you are hearing about this game, then check out this gameplay trailer to see what Project Winter has to offer:

Surviving alone is obviously going to be a challenge. Managing food, resources, fending off wild animals, and embracing the environment is a lot for one person to handle after all. But you can also see that teaming up can also be a risky decision. This game is certainly going to come down to a bit of trust, skill, and teamwork in order to last within such a harsh environment.

I personally feel that every game should have an Open Beta so that you can fully understand what you are investing your money in to. Will you be trying out Project Winter during this weekend?