MUTANT FOOTBALL LEAGUE Getting A Reboot, Out 2017

Mutant Football League, the controversial sports game of the 90's (originally called Mutant League Football) that rocked the Sega Genesis is making a comeback! I was just roaming around Gen Con and happened upon a booth helmed by the game's original creator himself Michael Mendheim. I played a very rough alpha of the game and got some details, but first, check out this new trailer...

The game is being designed with Unity and will feature 20 teams. All you loved about MFL is back (minus Bones Jackson...EA owns him) and the game plays a lot like a roided out NFL Blitz. It wasn't without bugs of course, but like I mentioned before I was playing a rough alpha and this game isn't due out (on all major platforms) until sometime in 2017 so they have time to work it out.

I had a blast playing the game and it really brought me back to playing the classic game I loved from back in the day! Can't wait to play it again!