Editorial: My Top 5 HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Experiences Thus Far

I have to say, diving into my first official VR product was a bit terrifying. Not only because of the steep price tag but the somewhat intimidating setup, questionable game selection, and of course, it being the first generation of consumer VR products. After a surprisingly quick set up, I was ready to rock. Below are the top 5 HTC VIVE VR experiences I've had thus far.

5. Zombie Training Simulator - Zombies Up in Yo' Grill

4. Tilt Brush - I'm Painting in F$#*% 3D!

3. Google Earth VR - My City.. in VR

2. Vanishing Realms - Sword and Shield Combat; Zelda-Esque

1. The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed - UN.REAL.