NARCOS Video Game Makes You Pick A Side

Netflix originals are ubiquitous now, but that wasn’t always the case. One of the early successes that helped pave the way was Narcos, a gritty dive into the bloody world of Colombian drug cartels, led primarily by Pablo Escobar and hunted by American DEA agents. Following in the footsteps of crime dramas like The Wire, Netflix’s Narcos tells the story from both sides of the war. Viewers witness the lives of Pablo’s family and his men and they see the escalating conflict from two perspectives.

That’s what so interesting about the upcoming video game adaption, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels. It looks like players will be able to choose the side with whom they ally. Check out these trailers from Curve Digital.

You’ve got your traditional trailer that reveals the grim, violent work of the DEA and the Colombian military as they pursue the drug cartels and seek to stabilize the country. But Pablo has his side of the story, too.

The freedom to choose your side honors the artistic intent of the television series, but it also makes for an interesting game. The turn-based strategy involved in thwarting the opposition can be approached from either position. It’s up the player. Do you fight alongside the DEA? Or do you side with the cartels?

We’ll find out soon. Narcos: Rise of the Cartels releases this fall on PC and console.

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