NARUTO ONLINE Coming To The West July 20th

A MMORPG based in the world of Naruto is making it's way to the West next week. In Naruto Online, players will be able to pick a newly created character that specializes in one of 5 elements (water, fire, air, wind, lightning) and according to Gamespot, fight alongside Naruto characters while playing through the Manga story arcs. The game has been active in the East for awhile so you can find plenty of footage online...


The style of the game is a turn-based RPG, and while it is visually impressive, kind of reminds me of Club Penguin with its isometric style. From what I've seen from gameplay though, this looks like a very solid RPG. It helps that the game's story mode is loaded with cool cinematics and entertaining boss battles...but who buys an MMO for single player?

It appears that multiplayer dungeon runs will be possible as well as "featured world boss battles" in which multiplayer players will take on bosses. That's a plus definitely, but I wonder about the long term appeal of this game for someone other than their fandom of Naruto. The game goes live here next week and if you're looking to be a part click here.