NBA 2K16 - Hoops And Hip Hop Go Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

The NBA 2K series has always attempted to deliver great soundtracks, but NBA 2K16 is going all out. The game includes music by three of Hip Hop's premier producers — DJ Khaled, DJ Mustard, and the timeless DJ Premier. Premier could do an instrumental rendition of the phone book and make it great, so his inclusion here is a huge get for 2K. Each producer will have their own playlist, but there will also be an international playlist, a 2K Classics playlist, and a master playlist that will include all 50 tracks.


I've always enjoyed the 2K soundtracks, and playing (virtual) basketball without music has always been less than desirable for me, so I'm glad to see the effort being put in to this aspect of the game. While we are on the topic of music, T-Pain goes just about perfectly with 2K16's "winning" trailer. Makes me want to go out and shoot some hoops right now. You can catch it below.

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