Necromancer Class Reveal Trailer For BREACH Brings Focus On Upcoming Early Access

One of the most entertaining genres for combat is that of the dungeon crawler. Fighting your way through hordes of enemies in different biomes and realms is an interesting challenge that can often be full of surprises and, of course, treasures. One of the main aspects of these games is the variety of fighter classes available that allow players to play and fight with the style and skills they prefer.

Revealing their latest class added, the Necromancer, is QC Games for their soon to launch on Early Access title, Breach. Wielding a ridiculously large scythe and the power of raising undead minions to help them conquer each dungeon, the Necromancer is looking to be one powerful character to use. Just look at them in action:

While the dungeon brawler title plans to fully launch later in 2019 as a free-to-play game, the early access will have a price of $24.99 on it. Putting a price on an early access version of a game that will end up being free can seem confusing or unfair, but this is just one of the many methods developers use to fund the development of their projects.

If you are interested in getting Breach when it starts its Early Access on Steam, then the wait for this titles launch is merely weeks away as it is set to launch Early Access in January 2019. You can also check out their website for some sweet pre-order deals and packs.