NeoGAF Staff Stages Massive Walkout Due To Sexual Harassment Allegations


11 side moderators and administrators have walked out amid allegations that the owner of NeoGAF, Tyler "Evilore" Malka may have sexually harassed a close friend. The site is currently inactive and Malka has been silent following a woman coming forward and recounting an incident in which stepped into a shower with her naked and tried to engage in sexual activity:

In addition to that post, another post from 2012 is circling the web as well where Malka himself writes about grabbing a female stranger's butt to show her he would "not be intimidated". Malka has not said anything regarding the allegations and as of writing the website is still down. It's possible Malka might rehire some new people to get the site back up and running again, but who knows how the gaming community will respond to the site once it is back up and running. 

For those unaware, NeoGAF has been a forum board notorious for game leaks and insider information since 2006. The site originated from IGN's forums until the site ceased support in 2001, and the board would hop around until finding its own independent site. 

Source: Destructoid