NeoGaf User Uncovers Some Boss Secrets Regarding GOD OF WAR 4

I'm constantly amazed at the dedication of the gaming community. What started as a discussion as to whether or not God of War 4 would have giant boss battles due to the switching of the game's camera (something I would've never thought of) became a reveal of things we may have missed from the initial trailer.

All these gifs come courtesy of user "Bitch Pudding" and lay out the potential for bosses and story elements of the game.

First, here's a gif of a ghost that is hovering just behind Kratos' son...

We also see this flying thing which looks to be a little more than your average minion...

Finally, we see what looks to be a massive snake traveling across the map which solidifies we will indeed be seeing giant bosses in this game!

I have no doubt that God of War 4 will be everything fans are hoping for, but in case you were feeling a bit shaky, there's your evidence.