Netflix Is Still Exploring The Possibility Of Launching An App On The Switch


The extreme popularity of the Nintendo Switch had numerous fans clamoring for a Netflix app to be introduced in the hybrid console, due to the fact that the Switch can be seamlessly used as a home console, and as a portable handheld device will allow fans to watch their favorite Netflix show at home on their TVs and on the go. However, we may have to wait to watch Stranger Things on our Switch. 

In a previous Tweet that has since been deleted, Netflix originally responded to a question about the possibility of introducing the streaming service to the Switch, by saying that they have no current plans to launch the app on the Switch. The original tweet devastated a lot of fans of both the Switch and Netflix, which led the streaming service to delete the tweet and retract their original statement.  Netflix recently posted a correction on their original tweet saying:

I don’t really see why Netflix or Nintendo is holding back on releasing the streaming app on the Nintendo Switch. If fans of both companies are asking for it, why wouldn’t they take advantage of the high demand for the streaming service? Netflix is even available for the Wii U so is the Switch’s portability a problem for Netflix? 

Although having Netflix on the Nintendo Switch is good to have, and should have been a standard since almost all gaming platforms have it, I personally am not that excited on the prospect of Netflix on the Switch because if I plan to stream at home, I’ll just do it on my TV, and when on the go, I can just easily watch my favorite shows on my smartphone, but that’s just me. The Switch has been extremely successful without it, but if fans really want it, then I really don't see why they are holding it off. Hopefully, Netflix and Nintendo will be able to work out on whatever issues they are facing that is prohibiting them from fulfilling the wish that their fans have been asking for since the launch of the hybrid console. 

Why do you think Netflix is still unavailable on the Switch? Would you like to see the streaming app on the console? Or would you just rather Netflix and chill on your smartphone? 

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