NEVERWINTER: UPRISING Rebels On PC Today With Console Launch Slated For October 1


Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have just released the newest expansion to their long running free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter. Dubbed Neverwinter: Uprising, the new expansion has players taking on the Illithid, or Mind Flayers, who have had the gith race subjugated for centuries. Players will take part in the gith battle to free themselves from their captors. The expansion is available today for all PC players of Neverwinter with the console versions getting the expansion on October 1. Check out the trailer below!

Key features of the new expansion include the following.

All-New Gith Race - Become the rebellion! The new race of psionic warriors is available to VIP members the first two weeks following Uprising’s launch and to all PC players for the following two weeks. This cycle will repeat on console only when Uprising launches on October 1.

Uprising Storyline - Engage the illitihid in a struggle that will take adventurers from the depths of Undermountain to a secret gith asteroid base in orbit above Toril.

Tower of the Mad Mage Trial - Enter Halaster Blackcloak’s private library to match wits and powers in an all-new, Endgame 10-Player Trial.

Protector’s Enclave & Early Game Zone Revamp - Adventurers returning from their questing to the south may notice some changes to the heart of Neverwinter. Explore a remodeled Protector’s Enclave and experience adjustments to early zones and stories, which make starting a fresh character more enjoyable.

Appearance System Overhaul - An evolution of the transmutation, dye and fashion systems, the newly improved Appearance tab allows adventurers to define the look of each slot in their inventory. Use dyes to unlock reusable colors, allowing for permanent mixing-and-matching of gear appearance and accents to truly define the look of each character.

New PvP Content – Enjoy a new map, Stardock Arena, and fresh rewards for your battle efforts as the development team continues to evolve the PvP experience following class overhauls in Undermountain.

The premise sounds exciting and the introduction of a new playable race is always a fun time to hop back into an MMO. Being that I haven’t played Neverwinter since 2017, Uprising might be a good time to jump back in and see what’s up. Though I will probably wait to play it on console when it releases this October.

Are you a Neverwinter player? What do you think of this latest Expansion?