New Boss Battles, Blocks, And Slash Commands Coming To MINECRAFT On Console

Minecraft is getting new blocks, two boss battles, and slash commands on console. The team took to Xbox Wire to tell fans of the series that ocean monuments would soon be a thing and that Elder guardians would be coming with them. Both features are already present on the PC version of the game...

For the Windows 10 and mobile crowd, it was announced that a Wither boss would be added that drops a "Nether Star" for creating status affecting beacons for players. 

Finally, the team said that "slash commands" were finally going to be made available to console. For those that don't know, this is essentially cheat codes for Minecraft without going into creative mode. 20 commands will be added, although they did not say which ones would be available first. 

Whether you like Minecraft or not, you can't help but commend Mojang for continuing to offer free content updates to their loyal player base!