New BREACH Character Comes With A Major Update And Price Drop

Since QC Games launched their 4v1 Role-Playing Game Breach in its early access form on Steam, players have been providing feedback that the developers have been looking into. Some of these issues were touched on during our interview with them, but it looks like they have already started bringing in the first wave of the major updates!

First things first, let’s talk about the new additions to the game from this update. We are introduced to a brand new class simply titled “Medic.” This class is a gun-totting, aggressive healing power ally that can use micro-bots to aid multiple allies, super-aid a single ally, hold their enemies in place, or create a small healing field for the team to use as they need it. All of this while laying enemies to waste with her dual pistol weapons. Check out her announcement trailer:

Along with this new class we are given a new map called Valley of Kings which will also debut a new boss named Sekhmet. This boss is the warrior goddess of Egyptian mythology and is sure to be quite the foe to face off against.

Now for the major updates that came along with the Patch 0.1 update; there are a few things added including sweeping performance optimizations, a new ranking system, and the highly requested ability to queue for games as Hero Only or Veil Demon Only. Probably less effective, but still great additions in the update are also the fact that they added improvements to key bindings, additional graphic options, more randomization of enemies, and win-loss stat tracking.

The last thing worth mentioning is the incredible price drop they have updated as well. Players can now purchase the Early Access Pass, a new bundle that includes access to Breach, a 30-day XP/Gold boost, and 2,000 QC Points for only $10. Additionally, QC Games is giving all supportive fans who purchased a Founder’s Pack during the first month of Early Access 3,000 QC points as a thank you for their support.

With this update they have also promised a planned monthly update to keep the new characters, maps, and general issue fixings for Breach. Most of this was mentioned on their recently shared road map as well. This game was fun from the moment came out and is looking to only get better from here!