New Characters Revealed in BlizzCon OVERWATCH Gameplay Trailer

Some super rad new characters were featured in the new BlizzCon 2015 Overwatch trailer. Among them were three characters that got their own spotlight videos. I've included each of those videos, plus the new gameplay trailer at the bottom.


The first was Genji, a ninja in cybernetic armor wielding shuriken and a pair of katana. His moves are about quickly closing ground between himself and his enemies, then dispatching them with kick ass ninja moves.


Next was D.Va, a cutesy pilot of a huge mech suit. Inside the suit she works as a tank-like character, absorbing damage and dealing even more. However, she can also ditch the armor and self destruct it in order to trade slow and steady for fast and deadly.


Lastly we say Mei, a character who's moves focus around ice. She has an array of area of effect and damage over time abilities that help her reshape the battlefield. One of which is literally a wall of ice that can block out enemy fire and create obstacles in their path.

Overwatch is a very unique game. It combines the squad-based, team centered combat of Team Fortress 2 with the wide character selection and ability system of a MOBA, then adds its own flair to it. I can't wait to see this game hit the competitive eSports scene. It is highly entertaining to watch!

Overwatch is slated for a Spring 2016 release and will be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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