New Console Aims To Be The HD Solution For Playing Original NES Cartridges

Retro style 8-bit gaming is back and just as strong as it was in its heyday thanks to the nostalgia-fueled success of games like Shovel Knight and the largely successful, never in stock, and now out of production NES Classic Edition console. With an abundant library of 8-bit software and a relatively accessible stock of NES cartridges a new market has emerged to meet the demand for hardware to play this treasure trove of classic games. 

Granted one can easily find an emulator and the entire NES library in just a few clicks of the mouse there is still a large group of gamers that would prefer to have an excuse to grab their NES games from storage, blow into the cartridges, and pop them in a console for a good old-fashioned gaming session. LA based hardware developer, Hyperkin, has taken notice of this demand for hardware and is hoping to meet the retro gaming needs of the modern day living room with the RetroN HD, an HD Console for NES cartridges.

Given that functioning NES consoles tend to be priced $50 (USD) and above depending on the condition of the item, the $39.99 price tag of the RetroN HD seems somewhat reasonable. The features of the console are as follows:

  • HD audio and video (720p) with 16:9/4:3 switch (HD cable only)
  • High compatibility for NTSC AND PAL cartridges (via bottom case switch)
  • Premium classic-style "Cadet" controller (10 ft. cable)
  • 3 ft. HD cable
  • 6 ft. Micro USB charge cable with USB AC Adapter
  • Also includes AV ports with AV cable

You can check out the RetroN HD on Amazon and Hyperkin Lab's official website, or in stores on May 25, 2017.