New Features Coming To The PS4 With System Software 5.50 Update


Sony has just released the beta version of the PlayStation 4 system software update 5.50, which aims to offer a preview on what PlayStation 4 owners can expect once the update is released officially. Currently, the beta test is only available for players who signed up last month. However, for those weren’t able to join the beta test, Sony just released the details of the software update via the PlayStation blog. 

First is the addition of the Play Time Management feature, which allows parents to have more control and manage the play session of their children. This feature will also allow parents to monitor their child’s daily play sessions, and put up restrictions on the console as they see fit. Notifications will also pop up on scree during gameplay to let the child know if their set time is up, so they can save their game and quit. Parents also have the option to automatically log the child out of the PS4 once their play session is over. 


The software update will also introduce tools to let players organize their home menu on their PS4 through three new tabs, ‘This PS4,’ and ‘Name/Avatar’ tab, and the ‘PS Plus Tab’. ‘This PS4’ tab will list all the applications currently installed in the system, while the tab with the player’s avatar or username, will list all applications purchased using the player’s PSN ID. These new tabs aim to make it easier for players to find game that they’ve purchased but have not installed yet. Lastly, the ‘PS Plus Tab’ will contain the free games that the player has downloaded from the PS Plus’ roster of monthly games. The player will also be able to hide certain apps in the Purchased tab. 


The software update will also give players the option to play background music while streaming games on PlayStation Now, however Sony warns players that just like when playing locally, some background music may not be available. Lastly, the update introduces smaller features including the ability to easily delete old notifications by going to the Notifications tab and hitting triangle or the Options button. Players can now also import custom wallpapers from a USB drive, and customize Tournaments team pages. 


Last but not the least, PS4 Pro users will now see a supersampling mode on their consoles which will enable users with HDTV’s that are 1080p or less, to enjoy enhanced visuals on some PS4 titles. The supersampling mode will allow selected games to render at a higher resolution, that will be downscaled to match the HDTV. 

It seems that Sony is stepping up the features in the PlayStation 4 with this new software upgrade. However, Sony still hasn’t made an announcement on when they will release the new 5.50 system software. So for those of us who were not able to sign up for the beta, we still have to wait to access these new features. 

What do you think of the upcoming upgrades included in the new system software? Are there features that you think Sony might have overlooked? Share your thoughts in the comments below.