New Free Game Mode and Major Updates Coming to ROCKET LEAGUE

Psyonix announced that they have created a new game mode that they intend to launch with a mass amount of updates coming on March 22!

The new game mode is called 'Dropshot' which will be a ground-breaking new mode. No, literally, you have to break through the ground in this game mode! The players will not be aiming for a net, but rather playing a light up floor version where you hit the ball on a floor tile to light it up, hit the ball on that specific tile again to destroy the floor and then get the ball to go through the hole you just create in the ground.

As the official Rocket League site put it, "Dropshot is a brand new take on Rocket League gameplay as we introduce dynamic breakable floors and an electrified ball, all within the confines of a new hexagonal Arena, 'Core 707'. Instead of pushing the ball into your opponent’s goal, your objective is to destroy panels on the opposing team’s floor, and score goals through those gaps."

Another cool aspect is that a new statistic will be added and considered for this new mode, much like Saves and Assists, you can earn points for Damage. The new ball will have a feature that changes how much damage it does. For instance, the more cars that hit the ball without it touching the ground, the more powerful it will be once it hits the ground. The more amped up the ball is (stages two and three of the ball damage setting) the more tiles it will affect upon impact.

Check out the Dropshot Trailer:

Some of the other updates coming with this new mode include a new crate called 'Turbo' which will contain a limited drop of a new vehicle called 'Endo,' Season 3 comes to a close and Season 4 will begin, New Arenas, New Paints, New Boosts, New Achievement, New Trophies, an indicator when the Rocket League official competition is live, updates to spectator cameras, and more!