New Games Hit The Apple Arcade

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No official announcement has marked the addition of multiple games in the Apple Arcade, but nonetheless, there are some exciting new options for subscribers to the video game service. The until-now unannounced Pilgrims has arrived, and its distinctive art style will lure you in. The Bradwell Conspiracy, in which you investigate strange happenings around Stonehenge, is another major title to release for the service. And the tactical space shooter Redout: Space Assault also flies into the Apple Arcade storefront.

A delightful adventure game from Amanita Design, Pilgrims will have you “roam the land as you please and make new friends, share a laugh with your fellow travelers and help them complete their little stories, your way.” More than one solution gives the player freedom to explore and to determine their own path through the stories they encounter. The adorable animation may also convince you to try out this quirky game.

Everything has gone wrong at the Stonehenge Museum. Instead of celebrating the successful launch of an exciting initiative for clean water, an explosion occurs and “you find yourself trapped in a hidden underground complex. Your only means of escape is by sending photographs of your surroundings to another survivor confined elsewhere.” You must find answers to what has happened here. What is the Bradwell conspiracy? Can you find the truth?

Space combat is an exhilarating ride that captured our imaginations with the release of Star Wars and other defining visual experiences. Redout: Space Assault will require you to “outsmart, outmaneuver, overpower, outclass your opponents in lightning-fast, adrenaline-inducing singleplayer and multiplayer space combat.” Test your skills to determine if you’re an ace pilot.

It’s promising that Apple Arcade is bringing in more games at a fast pace. Hopefully, the subscription service will continue to bolster its library.

Which game are you most interested in playing?

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