New Holiday and 8-bit Skins Available Now For Super Mario Odyssey

Well these look fun! Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo has released some new skins for its Switch mega-hit Super Mario Odyssey! The first skin is an 8-bit cap which transforms your character into a 3D approximation of an 8 bit character. While this skin looks freaking awesome, I am disappointed Nintendo chose not to animate the whole body. Instead what you see is what you get, arms and legs stay cemented to their positions regardless of player input. Cappy being 8-bit when thrown is a great touch though! This skin is available in the in-game store for a price of 9,999 coins.

The second new outfit available for our mustachioed plumber is a festive Santa outfit! This outfit is available for only 1,500 coins making it much more attainable then the aforementioned 8-bit cap. Honestly, what better way to play the game is there this holiday season than with a red coat, red Cappy and white fluffy beard?! Just do me a favor and don’t sit on your Switch trying to ask Santa Mario for E-Shop gift cards, ok?! Both new outfits are available now and can be found in the in-game shop after completing the main story line.

Source: Nintendo