New Horror Game APPARITION Will Have A Leaderboard

Horror games continue to come up with new situations for players to face head on. It seems more often than not we are put in these problematic scenarios without a weapon or means of defending ourselves. One could argue that this is exactly what makes a horror game even scarier; giving the feeling of helplessness as you attempt to complete your job.

Tasked with the job of a paranormal investigator, Apparition by MrCiastku will bring you into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. While trying to capture evidence of the horrific atrocities that occurred in Green Creek, you will need to also plan how to escape with your life before becoming the next victim of the haunted land.

Apparition looks to be a “survival as long as you can” type game with unlockable upgrades rewarded to players for brave acts and a leaderboard for players to climb. It’s rare to see a horror game with a leaderboard, challenging players to be braver than each other and come out with the highest score. But what’s more important: your life or your score?

Planned to release this Halloween, exactly on October 31st on Steam, will you have the courage to take first place?