New Leaked OVERWATCH Trailer Shows All New Skins And Confirms Capture The Flag Mode

A new map, skins, and new game mode are all confirmed in the latest leak to hit the web for Overwatch's "Chinese New Year" event. As this trailer is a leak it may be down by the time you get to see it, so I took some screenshots in the chance that happens! The photo gallery shows off the new map (which looks suspiciously like a map from Black Ops 2) and shows a few skins you haven't seen yet. 

It also appears that a new mode "Capture The Flag" is indeed confirmed. I know a few people yesterday wondered if this event would be limited to Tracer and fast characters, but the appearance of Roadhog seems to indicate this will be open to all characters! Check out all the footage below, and if you missed our past coverage on this event click here and here to catch up.