New LEGO MARVEL'S AVENGERS Trailer Shows Off Open World

One of my favorite parts of LEGO Marvel Superheroes was being able to zip around Manhattan as any one of the characters from the game's huge roster. Today TT Games released a trailer showing off the open world exploration in their upcoming game, LEGO Marvel's Avengers. Along with the return of the free roaming of Manhattan there are a few new open world locations from the various films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These new locations include: Asgard, Sokovia, South Africa, S.H.I.E.L.D. Base, Barton Farm, Malibu, and Washington D.C.

Each of these new free roam areas include unique collectibles and unlockable characters. I loved LEGO Marvel Superheroes, and still boot it up on my PS4 from time to time. I'm excited to see what all has been added in this cool new sequel that more closely follows the films.

LEGO Marvel's Avengers releases January 26th on... pretty much everything.

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