New Limited Edition GEARS 5 Xbox One X Bundle Announced


A brand new Xbox One X bundle has been announced, and this one is themed after the next installment of the Gears of War franchise, Gears 5. The bundle comes with a 1TB Xbox One X console, that displays the game’s logo on the top, as well as the Locust/Swarm logo on the bottom. The designs are laser etched into the console, adding depth to the design. The Xbox also features unique power on/off sounds, that are taken from the game.


A limited edition controller is also included in the bundle. The controller resembles Kait’s armor from the campaign, and features the Phoenix Omen. The controller can be bought separate, and comes with a code for the Snow Kait skin for use in multiplayer. Not included in the bundle is a limited edition charging stand for the controller.


The bundle includes digital goodies, alongside the killer hardware. The codes included inside the bundle grant you exclusive skins for Kait and Jack. You also get download codes for the Ultimate edition of Gears 5, as well as the entire Gears of War collection. The bundle is available for pre-order, and will go for $499.00, which is a steal when you consider everything that the bundle has to offer. It will be released on September 6th in cohesion with the release of the game by itself.