New Maps, Mechs, And Mayhem Previewed In Latest COD: BLACK OPS 3 DLC Trailer

New maps, mechs, and a lot of mayhem are on display in the launch trailer for this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC. Salvation drops tomorrow and will feature 4 multiplayer maps as well as the another episode to the zombies saga. The description lays it all out better than I can so read it...

Salvation is coming on September 6. Treyarch’s fourth DLC Pack for Black Ops 3 delivers four pulse-pounding multiplayer maps, including the studio’s reimagining of Black Ops 2’s Standoff as a rough-and-tumble Western town, and World at War’s classic Outskirts reborn as a fortified high-tech facility. Two brand new environments round out the collection: Citadel’s ancient, haunted medieval castle, and the miniaturized patio table combat zone of Micro. 

As happy as I am to see some of my favorite maps from BO2 make their return, I'm hyped for this picnic table map! If COD did more stuff like this in their future games I think they would win back a majority of the gaming community! See all the new maps and a brief look at a mech attack below.