All-New MARIO PARTY Headed to 3DS

Mario Party Star Rush is the latest iteration of Nintendo’s popular multi-player Mario Party franchise.

Star Rush is seemingly a fresh take on an old concept, with optimized gameplay for a portable device but more importantly, no turn-based waiting times. This time around players will be immersed in the chaos at all times, even if it’s not their turn they’ll have some action available to attempt to keep up or catch up to other players.

Multi-player will allow four players to play simultaneously alongside support characters for added chaos. In Star Rush you will assume the role of a Toad who can then recruit up to four Mushroom Kingdom characters to aid you in your Toad Scrambles. Multiple modes, levels, and boss fights will be available, and it’s up to you to choose if you’ll play collaboratively or cause mischief and play against each other.

Watch as the cast from Treehouse Live from E3 has a blast playing Star Rush:

Mario Party Star Rush will release on November 4, 2016.