New Multiplayer Survivors Vs Killer Game LAST YEAR Launches December 18th


One of the most popular genre’s in the game industry today is Killer vs Survivors. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find this genre to be the main feature of the titles Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead by Daylight. Now there is a new game coming that will be bringing a new form of the exhilarating gameplay to life this month.

Elastic Games is launching Last Year: The Nightmare, a horror multiplayer title that takes place in a 90’s college atmosphere, exclusively on Discord this coming December 18th. This killer vs survivors experience is sure to bring a whole new perspective to the genre with some innovative gameplay aspects. Check out the trailer:

As one of the few games to be taking part of the “First on Discord” program, it is interesting to see how developers are branching away from the typical Steam gaming source. It certainly looks very intriguing and I am excited to see what the objectives will be on how to escape and how many different ways players can get kills. Honestly, the screenshots make me think it might just be an all-out fight where it could go until the last man is standing, be it the killer or the remaining survivor(s).

Last Year: The Nightmare is sure to be a fine competitor to the ongoing Dead by Daylight series. Are you excited for another horror multiplayer title like this to be launching?