New NES Games Now Available For Nintendo Switch Online!

Hello my fellow Nintendo Switch Online subscribers! A new wave of NES titles has just been made available on the service which includes Donkey Kong Jr., Clu Clu Land and Vs. Excitebike! The Switches NES App should have received an update that will include all of the new releases! If not well you know update it. Anyways, this month was a little lean on big name titles but each of the new releases are pretty great (I finally played Clu Clu Land)! Also joining the 3 previously announced titles a SP version of Star Soldier has also been added to the service. SP Star Soldier starts players on level 8 with a fully upgraded ship.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Based on the popular arcade game, Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to the immensely successful Donkey Kong™ game. Play as Donkey Kong’s son, and rescue your dad who has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a cage by Mario. Use jumping and climbing abilities to clamber up vines and chains, gather vital fruit and keys, and open the cage to free your father. Make sure you avoid the pesky birds, nasty electric sparks and creepy chompers. Four different worlds filled with numerous climbing and jumping puzzles await you in this timeless classic.

VS. Excitebike 

Fans love the Excitebike™ game for its frenetic races, high stakes and sweet jumps. With this game, you can take it to the next level with the Famicom™ disk version of VS. Excitebike – complete with two-player split screen. Create tracks from 20 classic Excitebike track parts, and go for a best time or take on friends. Racing is even more exciting when the rivalries are real. You can also try out the single-player mode in VS. Excitebike. It adds tracks, music and the ability to save your high score.

Clu Clu Land 

The greedy Sea Urchins have stolen all of Clu Clu Land’s gold bars and buried them in a series of mazes. As Bubbles, a brave bubble fish, you’ll set out to uncover all of the gold bars in each maze. With 20 stages to complete and increasingly complex conditions (like having to pass over the gold bars twice to uncover them), you might just want to bring along a friend for help.

Nintendo Switch Online is of course Nintendo’s online service that costs $20 dollars a year for access to all of Nintendo Switch’s online functionality. Included with the service is access to an ever growing library of NES titles of which over 40 are now available.