New Original Album from ELDER SCROLLS Composer, Jeremy Soule

The soundtracks of The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Guild Wars have captivated its worldwide audiences for years; ranging from the entrancing beauty of its atmospheres to adrenaline igniting combat music. The composer behind these acclaimed works is Jeremy Soule, and our sources say that various record companies are having an ongoing bidding war for the publishing rights to his upcoming album, The Northerner, Soule Symphony No.1.

Contributors to The Northerner's Kickstarter campaign (which raised over $120,000) have been updated occasionally since its launch back in March of 2013. Jeremy Soule has just revealed an additional prequel to the album, The Northerner Diary. Along with that, other updates include details on production such as guest vocal recording sessions from Malukah, whom you may have first heard when she released her popular rendition of The Dragonborn Comes.

Jeremy Soule is not only an innovator in creativity, but also in creative technology as well. He has been busy developing groundbreaking new music tech as Chief Creative Officer of Roland VS, which he will be implementing in The Northerner. Roland VS is owned by Roland Corp., a world leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. GameTyrant will be going more in-depth on the specifics of this new tech and how it is being used in The Northerner, but for now it can be said that it will be absolutely worth the wait and a huge audio treat for all of us.

Once this bidding war is settled, we will have a full review as well as provide the release dates of The Northerner Diary and The Northerner Soule Symphony No.1, along with the best places to find them. With what we’ve heard over the years from this master composer, it’s a guarantee that it will be worth every bit of the wait. Until then, Talos guide you!

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