New OVERWATCH Character Gets A Gameplay Show Off Video


One of the newest heroes to be coming to the ever popular PvP title Overwatch by Blizzard is shown off pretty well in the latest YouTube video from Your Overwatch. Taking the time to do a full breakdown of Brigitte and her attack style, along with abilities available, you can see that she is going to be a pretty over-powered asset to the team. Check out the gameplay video:

It won't be long before everybody will be able to play as Brigitte themselves to try her out and see if it fits their play style. From what we can see though she has a great mix of neutral and  healing abilities. I have no doubt that she will completely change the game and can be used to make a losing team take the win if used correctly.

Blizzard always does a great job keeping characters balanced, including when they add new ones to the roster. I'm sure that there are some downsides to using Brigitte that will be discovered when taken to the actual battlefield, but I'm excited to try a healer type character. Not sure she will become a usual character choice for me, but its always to try different characters.

Are you looking forward to using Brigitte or can you already tell that she isn't a character that fits your play style?