New OVERWATCH INSURRECTION Videos Tell The Story Of King's Row Uprising


Now that the Overwatch Insurrection event has gone live Blizzard has posted some very relevant and welcome media content for those excited to finally get a chance to delve deeper into the game's vastly unexplored lore. 

The following video takes place seven years in the past during the golden era of Overwatch as an organization and tells the story of the King's Row Uprising from Tracer's perspective as she sets off to fight Null Sector, a rogue omnic group that is terrorizing the city, in what is to become her first mission as a member of Overwatch. 

Additionally, here's a cool video where game director, Jeff Kaplan, comes out and talks a little bit more about the in-game history of Overwatch and the new story elements that you can expect to see as well as his perspective as a developer on how they came up with this new event:

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