New Pokemon And Features For POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD Revealed

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and didn’t see the latest Nintendo Direct live, then I am happy to inform you that Pokemon Sword and Shield is looking to be the Pokemon game we have always wanted! Not only is there going to be new Pokemon, along with some unique new moves, but there are three other features that just tie the game together as a true experience.

The first feature announced was the customization options. They have gone much further than just shirts and pants, but give you the chance to do a full work up. From choosing your hair and make up to deciding if you want accessories or outer wear on your character, the list of options they put in their customization menu is much more expansive than ever before.

Did you ever want to just hang out with your Pokemon outside of their balls? Well, the second feature shown off in the Direct trailer showed off just that! Pokemon Camp is a feature that you can set up anywhere and just hang out with the Pokemon that you have on you. In the camp you can see your Pokemon around you and interact with them. Your friends can even stop by to say hello and interact with your Pokemon as well.

You now also have the option to become a master curry chef with the last feature to mention. With over 100 different recipes to unlock, players can now also cook curry over rice for themselves and their Pokemon. The ingredients you choose will come together to either make a tasty meal or a unfortunate upset.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available on November 15th, so get excited because this will be a true Pokemon trainer adventure. Set out into a new, yet familiar world and collect all of your favorite Pokemon from the wild! For now, check out all the new features in the Direct trailer below: