New POKEMON Revealed In Leaked SUN And MOON Trailer

Late last night Serebii went live with a leaked trailer that shows tons of new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Already fans are upset and wishing for it to be fake because they claim all the new Pokemon look incredibly ugly. Personally, I think they look cool! There's only so many Pokemon you can make to look like animals so I appreciate the creativity. See them all in the video below.

If you're wondering what Pokemon is what here are the Japanese names so far...

  • Tiki guy with yellow shield arms=Tapu Koko
  • Minecraft Caterpie=Charajabug
  • Evil Fish= Bruxish
  • Cute Fly=Cutiefly
  • Bad Ass Beetle=Vikavolt
  • Fat Hamster-Tokedemaru
  • Falcor rip off=Drampa