New POKEMON SWORD And SHIELD Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon And Version Exclusive Gym Leaders, Whaaaat!


A new trailer has dropped today for Pokemon Sword and Shield! The trailer, as can be seen below, showcases a number of new Pokemon for us including Alcremie the fairy type Pokemon, that looks an awful lot like a cooler Slurpuff? Also introduced was Rolycoly the rock type and Duraludon the Steel/dragon type Pokemon. Gigantamaxing also gets showcased with Alcremie having an alternate form while using the technique. The trailer has also showcased that there will be version exclusive gym leaders included in Sword and Shield. Bea is a fighting type leader that will be exclusively in Pokemon Sword while Ghost type leader Allister will only be found in Pokemon Shield. Check out the trailer below!

The thought of there being version exclusive gym leaders is an interesting new facet to Pokemon. While version exclusive Pokemon have always appeared in the games since the series inception, this is the first time that the story will play out ever so slightly different between the 2 versions. Yamper also looks set to become a new favorite!

What did you all think of the new trailer? Share your thoughts below!