New PvP Killer Chase Title DEATHGARDEN Goes Into Closed Beta


The hunt for the next killer verse victim title that will captivate players with great gameplay and balanced challenges may have just reached a stopping point. From the developers of Dead by Daylight comes a new game that will be going into a closed beta starting today, May 9th, and will continue until May 13th.

Behaviour Digital has developed DeathGarden, a player verse player game that let's players face off as either a killer or a hopeful survivor. The game has a lot of growth and work to do before it can be considered complete, but the closed beta is being launched in hopes of getting feedback on the gameplay and mechanics while also testing the servers abilities. Here's a short teaser trailer from when they were going to have the game playable at PAX East:

As a fan of Dead by Daylight and someone who have it a positive review, I'm interested to see what they are doing with DeathGarden so it will stand out among similar titles. I believe these games have a great necessity to provide a variety of escape options for the victims while keeping it within range of a cunning killer to catch them anyways; much like Friday the 13th has. I can't imagine that it will be too similar to Dead by Daylight, aside from the genre, otherwise DeathGarden could have just been new DLC.

I'm looking forward to trying the alpha out myself and being able to provide my own first impression of DeathGarden. There is plenty of potential for this game to be either really good or really bad. Did you manage to sign up early enough to get an alpha code or will you be watching some gameplay through somebody's live stream?