New SPIDER-MAN Trailer Is Amazing And Loaded With Surprises


We've already seen enough to know Spider-Man for PS4 is going to be good, but this last trailer really has us getting our hopes up. Check out the trailer below, and continue on for some analysis:

First off, wow do those action sequences look good. The action isn't the only thing to be excited about, however, as it looks like for the first time ever a Spider-Man game will let you travel around as Peter Parker? That's not a 100% thing, but it did look like there were some sequences featuring the player controlling Parker, and maybe even MJ.

We also saw alternate Spider-Man Miles Morales get introduced, so we're hoping for some action with him involved! As for other familiar faces we see Aunt May, Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) heading to prison, Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) running for mayor, and a new villain, Mr. Negative, looking to destroy New York.

One thing that isn't apparent from the trailer, but has already been confirmed is that the game will be open world. Insomniac has confirmed that the entirety of New York will be accessible to Peter Parker from the game's beginning, although it looks like some levels will be restricted to certain buildings.

The new game is scheduled to release in 2018, who's excited?