New STARBOUND Update Vastly Improves Combat, Adds Vehicles, New Monsters, and More

I am a huge fan of Chucklefish Games' space exploration title, Starbound. I picked up the game a couple years ago and have been playing it off and on ever since. The open-ended galaxy exploration mixed with the quirky art style and awesome races make it a very unique experience. The real kicker about joining in on these indie games as they're being made is you get to grow with them as a player. Starbound today is a much bigger and better game than when I first started playing.

This latest update adds so much more it is down right ridiculous. First and foremost, combat is getting a huge overhaul. Generally you just have a few different types of weapons and three special moves that help you traverse the 2D plane. Well now each weapon will have its own special ability! It could be something as simple as being able to throw a spear as well as jab with it, to having a magical ability to draw a protective barrier around yourself that does harm to enemies! A whole slew of new weapon types are also being added into the game, which will make building your unique arsenal even more fun!

Along with the new weapons and abilities, Chucklefish has added new random boss monster encounters, vehicles for you and your friends to traverse planets with, and randomly generated quests from NPCs in your home built settlements. All of these features vastly improve the already stellar base game. I can't wait to plunge head first back into Starbound this weekend!

The new Starbound Combat Update released today and is free to everyone who owns a copy. If you haven't played it yet, you can pick up Starbound on Steam!

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