New Trailer For GOD EATER 3 Shows Off The Story And Gameplay


The action RPG series God Eater is finally getting a continuation of the series! While the details behind the release date are vaguely stated to be Early 2019 for PC and Playstation 4, Bandai Namco has shown that God Eater 3 will have a deep and heavy story behind the intense monster-sized battles.

Their latest trailer really dives into the thoughts and feelings of their main characters, shows off some epic gameplay, presents some huge foes, and all around builds hype for God Eater 3 in less than two minutes! Check this out:

Fans and newcomers alike can agree that this entry is intriguing to say the least. With so much action and story crammed into a short trailer, there's no doubt that the full game is going to be filled with bizarre situations, dramatic battles, and an interesting story.

What are your thoughts on what was shown for the upcoming God Eater title?