New Trailer For LAYERS OF FEAR 2 Shows Off Eerie Scenery


With the first Layers of Fear title being all around the painters life, many wondered if there would be a continuation and if so, would it also be around the painter? It wasn’t until the Layers of Fear 2 reveal trailer a few months back that Bloober Team and Gun Media showed that they are taking the madness to another world of art; the cinema.

Putting players in the shoes of an actor, always playing the role of someone else, the challenge will be for you to be able to find yourself. This bit of plot and some of the scenery within the boat that the game will take place on are revealed in the latest trailer:

I love that they are changing the type of art style while keeping the focus around the mind’s creativity. Asking questions that everybody needs to face one day to understand who they are as an individual. It isn’t easy to portray difficult scenarios without a touch of horror and Bloober Team is once again embracing the scary nature of feeling lost.

What are your thoughts on the latest Layers of Fear 2 trailer?