NEW TRAILER for Online Viking Game VALNIR ROK's Latest Arena Update

Rok Entertainment released a survival RPG called VALNIR ROK on Steam last month that got many of us excited. For those of you who haven't heard about this game, it is a Norse / Viking mythologically-infused roleplaying game set in a sandbox open world. You start off on Valnir island and have to protect yourself not only against other men, but against the wild animals and mythical beasts.

An arena update has just been announced. The new update adds The Arena with PVE and PVP combat options, upgradeable ability system to hone craftsman skills, and customizable private Nitrado servers which allows gamers to purchase and modify their own private servers.  Players will be able to create their own unique quests and in-game special events.

As you can see, the trailer shows that you will not only be facing men, but wild animals and some skeletons in dark caverns too. It would have been nice if they'd show off a bit more in the trailer, but it's enough to wet my appetite.


Here are the key features of the Arena Update:

  • The Arena - New area dedicated for combat trials with both PVE and PVP options;
  • PVE: Test weapons against wooden dummies and fight against creatures of your choice to earn rewards and experience. Losing a PVE fight will force your character to respawn at the local field hospital;
  • PVP: Entertain onlookers and battle other players in this bloody, free-for-all, PVP arena. Navigate obstacles and obstructions to gain the advantage on enemies and grab the loot of vanquished foes.

One fascinating element of Valnir Rok is the skill system where you can upgrade your character within his or her profession. Whether you are a carpenter, blacksmith, tailor or even a godi (village chief), you can become a master craftsman in your field and be a step above the rest. I've played so many RPG games where you can level up various skill trees and become proficient in certain abilities. This new type of system that focuses on your profession is very unique to an open world RPG like this.

Valnir Rok has me tickled with interest now, and I may actually head over to Steam to obtain a copy for review. What about you? What did you think of the trailer for the new Arena Update? Please let us know if you have been playing Valnir Rock and what it is like for you.


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