New Trailer For SHAKEDOWN HAWAII Looks Pretty Solid

A new trailer has revealed that VBlank Entertainment Inc.'s upcoming title Shakedown: Hawaii will be launching on most of the main platforms! The latest trailer shows the protagonist, or rather antagonist due to the story line presented, will have players taking over the island of Hawaii and claiming profit from multiple aspects in the marketplace, forcefully!

Check out the new trailer:

The list of platforms this title will launch on later this year took up the entire final scene! Steam, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and PS4 will all be able to get their hands on this mayhem inspired title!

I don't know if you were a fan of Hotline Miami, but this is looking to be the next title to take over the pixels in your screen and have you destroying the city to build in your own image! What platform do you plan to get this on? I would love this for my PS Vita to play on the go myself!