New Twin Stick Action Game TRIIFOX Has Been Announced For PC And Consoles!

Trifox - Screen 2.jpg

Glowfish Interactive and Cronos Interactive have just announced a new twin stick adventure game called Trifox. Trifox is inspired by classic adventure and platform games and blends the two in a top down presentation. Players will assume the role of a crafty fox who’s home has been destroyed by an evil entity. now utilizing the powers of three different classes you will set out to end the plans of this evil once and for all!

Key features of the game will include the following.

Mix and match between different gameplay archetypes and play the way YOU want

Combine and experiment with a wide range of abilities and engage in thrilling fast-paced combat

Explore a rich and colorful world where fantasy meets technology with a wink and a nod to the classic platformer adventure games from the past

Interact with the environment and outsmart your enemies

Uncover the secret plans of an evil mastermind as you try to restore your ravaged home

Check out the announcement trailer below!

The colorful world and gameplay shown in the trailer looks great and has definitely caught my interest. Trifox is expected to launch in spring 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This will definitely be one to keep an eye on as its development progresses!